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Q&A: Why healthcare reforms will inevitably create more lawsuits
The one conclusion we can all agree upon as healthcare reforms begin is that, by definition, change is happening in medicine.  With change comes potential for an explosion of lawsuits…..Read more

Q&A: Seven ways you could be wasting money on your malpractice insurance
Did you know that most doctors waste money on malpractice insurance, which is one of the largest expenses each year in a medical practice?…..Read more

Q&A: Malpractice Insurance Rates to Level Out In The Near Term
Do you see malpractice insurance rates in Florida for physicians and surgeons continuing to decrease in the next few years?…..Read more

Thoughts on Healthcare Reforms and the Malpractice Insurance Market
Tort reform was completely taken off the table early in the healthcare reform debate not just because of the Democratic Party’s deep connection with the plaintiff bar, but also because of our temporarily low malpractice insurance rates…..Read more

Q&A: Data Now Available to Assess Insurer’s Claims-Defense Track Record
When choosing a malpractice insurance company, how can I tell which one is going to vigorously defend me?…..Read more

Q&A: Most Policies Exclude Nursing Home Coverage
Will my malpractice insurance cover me if I start doing rounds in a local nursing home?…..Read more

Florida Medical Malpractice Insurance Claims and Rates Decline
Medical liability claims declined over 2007, and many insurers are offering lower rates, according to a report from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation…..Read more

Avoiding a Suit – The Cultural Communication Challenges
Communication is the link between the patient and the doctors and every cast member involved in the patient’s care….Read more

$9.7 Million Verdict Against Bare Doctor
In June 2008 a Florida jury awarded nearly $10 million to a Ft. Meyers woman…Read more

2008 Workers’ Compensation Update: Enjoy the Soft Market While it Lasts
For the fifth straight year, workers compensation premiums have fallen…Read More

Good News For The Malpractice Insurance Market
Malpractice insurance markets have greatly improved …Read more

Medicine and Malpractice Insurance: An Historical Alliance
With the costs of medical malpractice insurance rates falling there will be less temptation for physicians to practice without insurance…Read more

Malpractice Insurance Costs Doctors Less in 2007
With the end of the malpractice insurance crisis of the early 2000s came a bombardment of advertisements from start-ups…Read more